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Blog article: How do you generate visitor in Inbound Marketing ?

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Freelancers, small businesses, SMEs and associations: all are housed in the same brand at the release of their website. Without the implementation of means, they will not expect to see the jostling of visitors, unless they are already very popular and are already well established.  

But then, how do can your company, which is just starting or not very popular, attract quality visitors? (that is to say visitors targeted on the products and services described)? In the very short term, the traditional methods can be deployed.

Quickly attract visitors to your site: easily

The entrepreneur can, either himself or through support of a digital marketing agency, launch several actions that, when well-managed, will see results immediately. We think:

  • Paid search campaigns (on advertising agencies like Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc.) This arsenal allows you to qualify visitors through key words typed in a search engine
  • Paid advertising campaigns on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc…. These boards purpose is to qualify Internet users according to audiences (demographic, centre of interest, personal situation, etc.)
  • Targeted promotional mailings sent to customers or prospects

In general, these methods are promising in the short term, but it is not recommended to use them in the medium and long term. Indeed, we cannot solicitant prospects indefinitely by E-mail, at the risk of annoying them. As for the advertising agencies, they display costs per click that increase each year.  It is therefore necessary to spend more and more to arrive at generating the same number of visitors over a given period of time.  

Become an essential media that automatically attracts prospects: the recipe for inbound marketing

To make a website profitable and allow it to generate leads almost automatically, Inbound marketing is a fool proof solution that is increasingly being used. The concept, which refers to « inbound marketing », means that it is the Internet users who come to you and not your business or an organization that proactively looks for them.

The key to success is simple: your company, next to its primary function, becomes an informative media in its own right, a reference in its profession. Internet users then naturally come to it through several channels that are naturally referencing it, but also social networks and sometimes even traditional media.  

Tips for starting to apply Inbound Marketing principals around your site

Here are some tips easy to implement and that can already bring you success in a few months:

1.      Power your site with rich content

When presenting your products or services online, offer content rich pages.  The text should not be limited to the three classical lines that all competitors could have written. Always start by synthesizing the service/product, then provide many details that seem useful or that distinguish your structure (trading zone, methods, strengths)

Enrich your media content: the photo and above all else the video which today increases tenfold the conversion rate (percentage of people who complete an action on your site among their overall visits).

2.      Suggest tips and tricks for articles

Advice articles are precious “visitor magnets” on the Internet. Number of small entrepreneurs, today essential in their sector, manage to attract a large number of prospects thanks to the quality informative articles published on the site. And that, sometimes without investing a euro in advertising! This allows you to be referenced naturally on a host of ultra-precise terms and to reach Internet users who would never have come to you without these articles.

3.      Your site is the heart of the strategy: make it shine on social networks

Share your tips on social networks, by not forgetting to offer each time links to your site, which remains the Internet user of the pillars of your strategy. This must attract the visitors since this environment is what sways the visitor to convert. The action buttons it contains, the layout, the ergonomics: everything has been thought of carefully.

Never hesitate to be followed-up

Of course, each of those tips can be deepened and targeted support. So don’t hesitate to call upon your digital agency expert in Inbound Marketing ( to get the most out of these actions. It will be able to set up a global strategy according to your objectives.

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